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Hide details for Calendar & SchedulingCalendar & Scheduling
HPUT9Y7BJXA Note/Domino user creates a repeating meeting. After the meeting has been created, the chair adds an external invitee to an instance of the...
ZYYNANJDDKFixed an issue where an Outlook user can not accept an invitation which contains a large invitee list
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
BKANA9CVLFRecent improvments to the compatibilty mode in Notes result in a large number of responses being sent back to a non-Notes chair. Depending on the...
GKLA9X6U2SFixed an issue where when a meeting is in compatibility mode, 'which instance' actions are limited for the client and invitees
HPUTA3QEUF Fixed an iCal issue where comments to Outlook users are overwritten when the same user is removed from 2 instances
HPUT9NZD9A Fixed an issue where notices received by Outlook from Notes are in a non-supported format.
JABA9U9KWKFixed an issue where rescheduling a repeating meeting to Google users takes minutes
GKLA9YNUDE Verse related fixes for Compatability mode
SDOY7JXF87Fixed an issue where new notices were not showing up correctly in the New Notices miniview when the policy is set to Display unprocessed meeting...
FPAI9CASVAImprove the performance of repeating meetings
PANNABJLFZFixed an issue where "find a room" displays an empty list for some users when the primary home mail server is not available
KTOT8ESLH5Fixed an issue where an invitee af an iCal invitation can decline/delete a repeating meeting
JPAIA4FJRXFixed an Access Violation issue in C&S
NRBY8ZRKBJ Allow the Notes/Domino C&S APIs to accept Rich Text input.
FPAI9URPRYFix an issue where the iCalendar ICS file contains the property STATUS:CANCELLED when exporting a single (non-repeating) appointment...
NRBY9NYLLAFixed a C&S issue where a meeting update is not reflected correctly when updating specific instances.
RDPR9V4JHZFixed an issue where a Decline All to an Outlook user (after accepting a recurring event) gets a "Not supported attachment" error in...
NRBY9LTR7R Fixed an issue where an Internet Address will get single updates in C&S meeting updates.
NRBY9NUNDQFixed an issue (and error message "Not supported calendar message") where a non-Notes user Calendar is not updated after being uninvited from a...
Hide details for CCMCCM
BRGDA7PAXECCM Fixes for 901FP9 in the Mail Template
MLAT9J9QSRUpdated the Mail Template Change for CCM Connector for Notes
BLEE9P9K9JUpdate the template for CCM changes for action button for the Mac OS
Hide details for ClientClient
CSYL9P8N6VFixed an issue where users are unable to import an *.ics file while the Notes Client running
MLEYAK4FQAFixed an issue with the IMSMO Client where the Swedish characters do not display correctly after opening a truncated mail
KJEG9QLRHXFixed random Notes Client crashes on Citrix


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